Signal in the air

Junior Guerra Quiñones, head of the division, said the main challenge of the 89 workers and managers is to keep the signal transmissions 24 hours with required quality.

“We developed the scheduled maintenance technical centers installed transmitters. Today may be some area of low signal level but not of silence, “said the manager.

“We worked on the assembly and commissioning of three new FM services in the towns of Santa Cruz del Norte, Jaruco and San José de las Lajas allowing greater coverage of the stations La Voz del Litoral, Radio Jaruco and Camoa “he said.

Other tasks performed were the maintenance of medium wave transmitters in health centers in Quivicán, La Julia in Batabanó and Guines.

Junior said that “a first for the benefit of Radiocuba in Mayabeque is the assembly and commissioning of the first service of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) in the provincial capital communitarian television center “.

“The municipalities of Santa Cruz del Norte and Guines will have digital television service, which will be gradually extended to the rest of the territory,” he said. He said that the equipment installed in Santa Cruz has possibilities signal for part of Jaruco.

“Catalina de Guines he has a new service for Multivision channel, responding to a request of the voters of this community,” he said.

Since Mayabeque shortwave signal is also guaranteed for the world, “and work that the quality of all these services is the best,” he concluded the manager.

With information of Granma newspaper

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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