Two nations with the same ideal

In both cases, their “very serious” problems lie in not continue guidelines that imparts the rich world, that is, not comply with neoliberalism, trying to create companies outside the free market work for the independence and total sovereignty and  logically they deserve punishment and rejection of the international community. Who contributes decisively to create such an image? Naturally, the powerful media and local media lackey.

I am aware that not saying anything new under the sun, but I consider important to emphasize, again and again, on the issue of dirty work of the media, so that the younger they realize how much dishonesty, hypocrisy and double standards exist in the turbulent world that gives them life.

No wonder so, are concerned about these and other Latin American nations, as they have gone in a very short time, broken off the rotten trunk, to become a much more powerful and just robust, honest and democratic governments of truth not distorted for the benefit of millionaires.

There main reasons, very powerful, to unleash a campaign against Bolivarian and Ecuadorians : firstly emerge before the world with human values and not imported, their governments are honest, and have come to give unquestionable evidence to show the real possibility of achieving more prosperous and just society without being umbilical cord in any other nation. The facts, not words, prove that.

Venezuela, once subjected to Yankee society dominated by the petrocracy, with high level of social neglect, poor health, illiteracy and a host of ills, has sovereign interests and dignity to the horror of the powerful, led by a man of all time, dear Hugo Chavez and later for his exemplary pupil, Nicolas Maduro. Large missions begin hunger, illiteracy, poor health and a host of social measures for the benefit of the Bolivarian people. And, by the same amount, violent attempts to overthrow.

Ecuador, with its Citizen Revolution, and an indisputable patriotic vocation, forward against and in spite of multiple roadblocks. At this point no one can question the progress in the economic and social level; the country has achieved the wisdom of its president, Rafael Correa, much more concerned with his people by becoming a millionaire.

Maduro in Venezuela has been able to put their country on the orbit to be respected, by dint of courage, bravery and honesty. Ecuador, meanwhile, has collapsed inequality and injustice of yesterday; suffice to say that in 1998, 10% of the richest population had 42.5% of national income, while the same percent of the poorest population, only 0.6% available.

But he has also had to face vandalism carried out by the protesters as always with social justice, obviously supported from the outside. It’s nothing new, some time ago it has been torn skin of the powerful and is in sight of all those who want to see.

Such media have a very unique feature. They speak of a permanently free of hardship, idyllic world dream of living in affluent societies where everything is possible, where there is absolute democracy and, finally, of the benefits of unbridled consumerism, and in a world where people are happy because they do not necessarily have to be burdened with the ills facing humanity.

However, say nothing about the persistence of hunger, lack of public health and culture, illiteracy affects millions of beings of this world, of child labor in highly dangerous conditions, much less, of such harmful effects causing wars unprecedented greed, destroying nature, heritage sites and, of course, the most precious gift of life.

Here I want to mention an example of distortion and falsehood without limits, and even, incredibly ridiculous incurred Radio Swan, predecessor of the present Radio Martí   and first means employed by the US government against the Cuban Revolution, so organized and regular.

You can read. In a report, at the beginning of the invasion of Cuba by 2506 in April 1961 Bay of Pigs, it was reported that the invaders were constantly advancing on all fronts, that the common people were joining the invaders with own rebels hiding and also Castro’s forces were surrendering en masse. After this example of what is transmitted on the first great defeat of imperialism in America, it should be clarified that the successor; Radio Marti, not much different from that; there is a difference: Radio Martí receives more million for his unworthy work.

We must continue the complaint because there is no alternative in this world today. He fights evil with decision or have to resign to see pass away with the threshold of horror. “So, where reason abounds, flowers faith in the harmony of the universe.” José Martí.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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