Anniversary and many reasons

And so, after 46 years of uninterrupted transmission, the radial plant arrives this June 25 at the anniversary of its founding. With 14 hours of programming that is characterized by the variety and the news, the inhabitants of the municipality of Banes can enjoy from Monday to Sunday, from the delivery of broadcasters, producers, directors, journalists, technicians and all equipment a realization that enables the airing of the station.

“This year we decided to spend our anniversary it to the founders of the station taking different tributes and l several initiatives,” said the Cuban Radio Portal Lilien Aguilera Gonzalez, director of Radio Banes.

CMKM, “Radio Banes, your radio friend,” all founding motivated retirees to participate in different areas of the program schedule that are dedicated to the founding of the station.

“Our journey began from day 16 with dissimilar activities, right now we are engaged in developing a CD for our newspaper library with a collection of works produced and emitted in our station and have won prizes in national and provincial festivals Radio” said the director.

Fulfilling one of the main missions of community radio in its duty to reflect the interests of the community through direct links with workplaces, mass organizations and student radio broadcasters of Radio Banes Textile Company visited the territory and a program conducted with the participation of the workers to unite the party for the anniversary of the station.

Similarly, Lilien Aguilera concluded by reporting that “in the morning of June 25 the station will begin with a special program transmissions from space 95.7 in the morning with the participation of founders of the radio station as well as various embodiments allegorical celebrations “.

Undoubtedly the station you plenty of reasons to celebrate, for his 46 years with the people say a lot of professional work of the broadcasters, but also this time a work period proposed focused on “continue to raise the quality of Radial through overcoming the filmmakers and the feedback process with listeners, allowing consolidate as a community radio station in the service of his people and identifiable transmissions. “

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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