Frecuencia Total is the joy of the morning

“This program takes 21 years on the air because I think it’s a given that people have interested him, so follow it. After that time, the program has achieved a stay of transmission with much influx of public,” he says Portal of the Cuban Radio.

To make a little history, in the early eighties ESPIGUL Rios and Ramon Vega wrote the musical comedy show 650 Frequency for Radio Liberation.

When ESPIGUL will propose the realization of a live draft program, calling it always had in mind from the word frequency –recalling the good times of that. In a conversation at home, a very small nephew of the director says, “Do you want the whole world to hear Well, call it Frecuencia Total?”. And so it was named this space.

Total frequency has always been characterized by the presence of the best speakers. This applies to names like Joaquin Mullen, Marisela Alfonso, Soraya Parra, Yamile Gonzalez, Eduardo Ferrer, Pupo Conde (recently deceased), the charismatic Arnaldo Regal (retired).

From January 8, 2013, Moraima Ruiz Quintana is the main voice frequency Total. With it also talked about this space:

“I like the program so much that defends Cuban music, especially that which is being done at this time, without discrediting what we have enjoyed for many years. And to converse with important artists, who come to the program. To me I love music. I was not a musician of miracle. “

On possible changes or new elements in their conception Moraima tells us that “change something in the program, I would make another. Although I wish the program had Cuban issues championed by artists who are not Cubans.”

On the role covered by the program within the context of musical programming on the island, ESPIGUL think their preponderance is that “defends Cuban music a priori, and covers all genres. The base of the space is the presence of guests, mainly musicians, who are most listeners connect with us. “

Total frequency remains the program of this high radio audience that had since its inception in the 90s can be heard Monday through Friday at 11655 kHz by the AM frequency, from 9:00 am to 12:00 am
The staff, although it has been changing over time, continues to be characterized by their creativity and talent. To learn more about the program and its doers, visit their Facebook page:

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez



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