The offenses of the mainstream media

Please see you this: In Washington recently, a ceremony attended “distinguished” characters, chaired all for a man who describes himself as a peaceful fighter for democracy and human rights was held: is Guillermo Fariñas or ” fakir “as it is called, does not know the meaning of words like decency and dignity. The reason for the act? Pay tribune, well read please the millions who have died victims of communism.

The activity took place before the statue of the Goddess of Democracy call. So much for the picture, but now try to prevent nausea in the following: when Radio Martí, that “tenacious fighter for human rights and democracy” reported that information he said something really unusual. At the ceremony he was conferred the Fakir (for his many hunger strikes) Medal by the Truman-Reagan Freedom.
Of course, it is essential to photograph these three characters. Let’s see: Guillermo Fariñas Hernández. Cuban counterrevolutionary negligible, also known as “coconut” aggressor violent man and a nurse who caused him multiple injuries to his face and arms; and an old man who savagely beat, causing serious physical trauma, leaving finally admitted to be operated urgently, so Fariñas was imprisoned in Cuba for these and other acts of extreme gravity.

In 2010 the European Parliament awarded the Sakharov Prize, honorary distinction which also grants 50 000 euros. Of course, with such “merits” it is impossible that this man leave his struggle for freedom.

Ronald Wilson Reagan: Mediocre hollywdense actor, was the fortieth president of the United States. It only I will say it was an ultra-conservative and very anti-phobia. Among its “virtues” must be mentioned support for the military dictatorship of El Salvador, Guatemala repression, extreme right groups in Nicaragua, the military dictatorships of Chile and Argentina, and promoted the invasion of Granada. He had an extreme aversion against the Cuban Revolution; and during his term he saw the Iran-Contra scandal.

Harry S Truman. Thirty-third President of the United States. This person only brief data pointed him in themselves, speak very highly of his dignified race: he ordered to launch the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaqui, barbaric acts of terrorism that caused, in a few minutes, some 220 000 deaths; when he met the outcome of this tragedy he boasted saying that “this is the greatest thing in history”, “the bomb was a gift from God,” “This attack is only a warning of things to come.” Years after the Holocaust, he was asked if he regretted anything in your life, to which he replied with a sordid and macabre humor: I regret not having married before.

But now seem indispensable some questions: Grant Medal for Freedom of the names that I have mentioned, self-contradictory with any just cause?, Why not summon events to pay tribute to the victims of fascism in the world, who died under shrapnel in the Second World War, war whose sponsors well known to mankind; or the massacres committed against the brother Vietnamese people in that unjust war? And finally, why this man does not speak Fariñas brave Cubans who died heroically, defending their homeland, during the Bay of Pigs invasion?

And one last question that can not be excluded, what honest principle holds Radio Marti and other media that poison this humanity, to provide coverage to an event like this? Of course none. In my opinion there are causes such as gold which corrodes, uncompromising hatred and also an incredible underestimate the intelligence of the people, the same as now, a long time ago, rear up to barbarism, the face and are willing even to die in that endeavor. Theft, abuse, immorality, is under such enormous fortunes, José Marti.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez



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