Haciendo Radio established a peculiar news style

Since the airing in 1984, under the leadership of Jorge Ibarra and unrepeatable Gladys Goizueta, the voice of the news Roberto Canela, the multifaceted Celia Guido and with them a stellar team, he brought a new style to focus the radial information.

I have a very special greeting to the correspondents of those times, who despite the years remain as fresh information as well as those who joined later, including the director team.

Have been part of this program was to me a gift of life and I’m grateful for what I learned in Haciendo Radio with Ibarra and his group. In this moment of radio memories, I can not stop saying that despite my almost eighty-five years my reports are heard by Radio Progreso, whose group I thank you for having me with brotherly fellowship. However, that does not stop fondly remember my beginnings in the program Haciendo Radio.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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