The same quagmire

Undoubtedly those powders bring these muds. But no further ado. If I may show you an example of appeasement unlimited Cuban past that will never return.

See for yourself: October 10, 1922. Alfredo Alfonso Zayas, fourth president of the neocolonial republic, the judiciary was characterized by corruption, public scandals and blatant interference of the US government to make a speech officially inaugurated the radio in Cuba. I ask, please, the most attention to each sentence, to better understand to what extent was the appeasement of such character to US interests.

“From the city of Havana, capital of the Republic of Cuba, I have the great honor to lead my voice to the people of the United States of America for the wonderful invention inaugurated by the Cuban Telephone Company. And I wish that noble people send warm greetings, expressing the feelings of friendship of the Cuban people and the desire to keep them.

My words thrown into space, carried by atmospheric waves on rough seas and high mountains, hope, penetrating your ears, citizens of the land of Washington, they come to your hearts and evoke an echo as a vibration mutual affection. I express my best wishes for prosperity, peace and progress of your republic; for personal happiness of your illustrious President; for the health of his honorable family and for the welfare and happiness of all who live in your powerful nation.

Today is for Cubans a consecrated to commemorate the beginning, in 1868, war for independence for 10 years gave the world evidence of the purest patriotism, full of sacrifices and heroism date, paving, and enabling the armed uprising of 1895, culminating in your generous cooperation in the independence and the establishment of our Republic.

Our love of independence inherited from our ancestors and fortified through streams of blood and tears, lives and will always live in our hearts. And I feel very satisfied saying this to the American people, because that people recognize with pleasure that we are the same people, which your representatives said in a solemn day that was free and right ought to be free.

Being so close to your shores, within the range of your powerful business influence; and being safe, as we are, to your respect and why not ?, love our republican national institutions, we wish to maintain the most cordial relations on the purpose of a sincere understanding for mutual benefit.

Our natural resources grow back quickly after a period of disturbances that all nations of the civilized world have suffered and still suffer some. Peace and freedom are assured in our country.

Our foreign credit is recaptured by the prompt restoration of our normal indoor conditions and the odds at present predict a bright immediate future. With my words spoken on behalf of the Cuban people sent to the United States, the true expression of respect and admiration to their national institutions; sincere friendship of their people and their government consideration. Three cheers to the glory of the United States! Three cheers to the absolute independence of Cuba!

I conclude this review, I thought about the possibility of shredding the speech in question and place on the table so much baseness and betrayal; but I rectified the purpose of immediately because it would be an indirect underestimate the intelligence of my dear readers, which, by themselves, clearly understood the ideas behind so hollow, servile, bombastic and ridiculous verbiage.

I’d just like to add that if any virtue will be conferring on this ridiculous speech, is said by that great man of radio, Oscar Luis Lopez, when he said that “showed the, economic and ideological political trends that influenced the formation of our Republic. “

Our Martí, always comes to stimulate and save my thoughts. “The past is the root of the present. It should be known what it was, because what was is what it is “.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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