Public opinion manipulated

To achieve pay large sums of dollars to many journalists cease to be, precisely because of their pettiness and misconduct.

That way they see a Nicolas Maduro, president of Venezuela, not an honest good man, but as a dictator who has caused chaos in their homeland; or Evo Morales, simple, intelligent and patriotic, also become an undesirable ruler who, of course, is not democratic and does not respect human rights … in short, many more, of course, always called Third World. Where else?

They are varied methods using the media to manipulate public opinion. Here are some of the most significant: the distraction; It is to divert attention from the most important problems through the technique of flood insignificant information (entertainment, the intimate life of artists, a beauty contest, puppy president of the nation, bedroom secrets, jewelry that has the Queen of England, the lavish wedding of a prince etc.); ie keep the public distracted, captivated by issues of no importance, very busy, no other alternatives. That is, disarming the public, so that they feel unable to understand the serious problems facing the world today.

Create problems and offer solutions for them; it is making an issue to raise the public’s reaction, and that this is the applicant wishes to measures imposed. This method is widely used to unleash wars “consent” of the international community. It has been so in the case of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and many other nations in history, so to solve “• the problem,” possession of nuclear weapons, pursuing the terrorist Bin Laden or other events, they had to die thousands human beings because they were in the wrong place and time.

Other important: replace injustice by individual guilt. To convince the individual that he is responsible for his misfortunes by its inability, low intelligence or not be entrepreneur in life. Therefore, instead of rebelling against the capitalist system, then the person is blamed, creating a state of inhibition for action, and, of course, no action, no revolution. See the following phrase uttered by many: “fault that we are as we have it ourselves.”

Keep the public in ignorance and idiocy. To make people not understand the methods for its control and slavery. Therefore, the quality of education given to the lower social classes must be the poor and mediocre as possible so that the gap of ignorance that separates the lower classes of the upper classes is and remains incomprehensible to classes lower. This is the technical definition of this method. But let’s say it in a simpler way: for great economic power is very important that the poor of this earth are kept in ignorance persists as an embarrassment, illiteracy, because such a system remains unchanged that is rich precisely by the indiscriminate exploitation of the ignorant dispossessed.

They are clear facts that negatively act against the South; for example, as many powerful means of communication belonging to the rich world; and every day insist on doing even more sophisticated their deadly weapons to maintain its dominance. But, in contrast, it is very clear that we no longer live in the metropolis yesterday where the biggest abuses committed, but in a present that definitely struggle for emancipation, with a powerful CELAC and other regional organizations seeking peace and development, a brave to denounce the enormous injustice and a tremendous desire for unity, brotherhood and solidarity between our peoples, respecting even our language differences. On the one hand, there is a process going very fast loss of the least political image and inversely proportional other, that of the many, that increases their progress, prosperity and peace. I have no doubt that the latter prevail.
Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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