The July 26, 1953, the historical date in Bayamo

The action in the present capital of the province of Granma, intended to place advanced of the armed uprising on the banks of the Cauto, the longest river in the country, and prevent forces stationed in Holguin and Manzanillo could go to the eastern capital.

The plan at the National Monument City was to take the barracks, the National Police station and the radio station, ensure the protection of banks and destroying bridges near the city.

Recent clarifications, 20 youths, led by Raul Martinez Ararás (group leader), Antonio \ “Nico \” Lopez, Gerardo Perez-Puelles, Orlando Castro and Pedro Celestino Aguilera participated.

The attempt to surprise the enemy failed, because of which the attackers were forced to face a higher volume of fire.

There is no precision about the duration of the shooting but failed to consider action, removal order and the revolutionaries he began dispersing.

Pérez-Puelles was wounded and tyranny murdered JoseTesta Zaragoza, Rafael Freyre Torres, Lazaro Hernandez Arroyo, Pablo Aguero Guedes, Hugo Camejo Valdes, Pedro Veliz Hernandez, Rolando San Román de las Llanas, Angelo Guerra Diaz, Mario Martinez Ararás and Luciano Gonzalez Camejo.

Most of the attackers saved his life with humanitarian aid and courageous people of Bayamo and other places in the territory of Granma today.

It was almost miraculous story of Andres Garcia Diaz, when uniformed criminals left their body, believing him dead, along with the bodies of Hugo Camejo and Pedro Veliz.

So he could leave the area, help and present a powerful testimony in the later trial of the facts.

As a military company, the action of July 26, 1953 failed but politically left a good balance, because he resumed the armed struggle as a way to gain freedom, led to the organization to lead the race and set conditions for victory.

Bayamo, the city whose children led in the nineteenth century the country’s first outbreak of independence, returned to settle at the forefront of patriotic duty.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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