Twenty musical themes inspired in Santiago de Cuba to be sung at a concert

Different files found in churches, libraries and other places of Cuba and the world support the peculiar attraction toward the beautiful and charming city, its people and customs.

A score of musical themes will be presented on July 18, at 8.30 pm, at Marti Theater, which will reflect three historical periods: the colonial, the Republican and the revolutionary.

Perhaps Santiago would be the most sentimental of all themes these days, cradle and bread of songwriter from Sancti Spiritus, Pedro Luis Ferrer, chords which are daily heard, though there are other songs such as Iré a Santiago or Calor en Santiago.

It is a peculiar musical action of which the artists are very proud, said Vaillant, after mentioning pieces like A Santiago de Cuba, by Benny Moré; Siento por Santiago una pasión, by Miguel Matamoros, and Pregón a Santiago, by José Meli.

The defense of the repertoire is in charge of the local talent, who happily assumed it. They are Orfeón Santiago and Madrigalista Choir, Esteban Salas Camerata, La Trova Septet, Saxophones Quartet, Folk Guaguancó, and pianists Ileana Ramìrez and Conrado Palacios.

Ballet Santiago will show pictures of this territory, all of them under the direction of Nahim Velázquez, coordinated by Rodulfo Francisco Vaillant, and advised by Olga Portuondo, historian of the City and inspirer of this show.

The President of the UNEAC in the province spoke of the role on the cultural work because the artists have contributed, with their sculptures and artistic works in general to improve the spiritual life of the people, besides the cultural revival and art exhibitions dedicated to this great historical date.

Translation: Roxana Marquez Herrera (Cubarte)


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