Frank: the eternal hero of Santiago de Cuba

Until we heard the news on the CMKC station, did not imagine Doña Rosario those shots had arrested the boy who took nine months in her womb, the little that despite the humility with which he was raised in San Bartolome, said to be rich because He had to God and country in the soul.

Minions ended the life of that Santiago of only 22 years. They were thirsty for blood revolutionary gorged with Frank and Raul Pujol.

Lieutenant Colonel José María Salas Cañizares and his followers were killed monsters that intelligence, character and integrity, as alluded in the next day the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, from the Sierra Maestra in emotional letter, knowing the events.

The betrayal of who was one of the co-Frank in the Normal School for Teachers, became a catalyst for the desired slaughter of tyrants, this time accomplished in Alley Wall, where they were surrounded, savagely beaten and eventually finalized.

Who knows who Frank last thought when I saw the gun out Room Canizares. Perhaps bride imagined as mother of his children; in the God who taught him to love in the First Baptist Church; in its parent; Fidel; in the Sierra; perhaps in Cuba.

Indecipherable mystery, regrettable as few pieces of steel can maul, in seconds, the most beautiful dreams.

Frank was on the sidewalk, arms crossed and an open book -which sentenced the poet, a book he read the whole crowd who came to the wake at the house of American Domitro in Heredia and Clarin, and then in a pilgrimage attended the Santa Ifigenia cemetery.

Just a month after lost her son Joshua shakes the strength of Doña Rosario, who at suggestions of known Frank to cover the coffin, refused and said, “I want my son to see the people who follow “.

And so it was … more than 20 blocks covered the dense crowd, of all class, race, age, creed and political affiliation in Santiago that day smelled flowers crumbled petals falling from the balconies.

A sea of feelings left the death of Frank, who was once David and Salvador, the lover child piano, the young man who once confessed to his girlfriend that his opponent had a blue skirt and white lists, red bra and on her head a Phrygian cap with a white star.

When America Domitro sought her wedding trousseau that July 30 had no idea that Frank would no longer be her fiance, but would become the eternal boyfriend of an entire island, through a pact sealed with blood.

Perhaps the last words of the young were: I love you, America.

Perhaps in the Callejon del Muro  it was heard to say in a whisper I love you, Santiago ; I love you, Cuba.

Translated : Daysi Olano Fernandez


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