The consecration of the exceptional men

The uniqueness of a human being, his skills in unrepeatable appearance, strangely singular genius resulting from fortuitous coincidences, are underlined by an optimistic will of consecration.

Devoted to the subject who sometimes got to assume marked by a higher destiny, it is one that has a clear awareness of himself and the exact purpose of his life, which comes with stubborn dedication.

The consecrated person known as clairvoyance mission that is able to anticipate, beyond the dreams that will made, the obstacles to be faced and how they should fix.

As his gaze is prophetic, known stop the blindness of their opponents and avoid the death that holds the enemy.

His foresight makes future founder and guide crowds, because the crowds take refuge in the shadow of his wisdom.

As the leader, there is no need to name it, they all recognize it and identify its own voice in his dreams.

And there will be many more people to follow if it is only the clarity of his thought hugely grows light in front of the march, leading to the inevitable glory.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez 

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