Commercial radio in Cuba

For this occasion, if you find it interesting, I will speak briefly about an edge that can be useful; I mean commercial radio in Cuba, which covered the period between 1926 (4 years after the official opening of the radio) and 1959 coinciding with the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

It was the time of advertisement on the radio, whose schedules were governed by so-called sponsors or commercial firms in practice were the economic livelihood of the same, because they paid the propaganda that provided the service station.

However, it was not who elaborated radio messages were aired, but a third link, the ad agency called (Siboney, Guastela etc). This entity, unlike the staff of the station, had specialized, able to build commercials with true efficiency from the standpoint of communication staff.

Allow me a few examples of advertising slogan: “Cerveza Polar, la cerveza del pueblo, y el pueblo nunca se equivoca. “Café Pilon, sabroso hasta el ultimo buchito “; “Partagas, el cigarro que gusta mas “; “Usted si puede tener un Buick.” Sure, I think very useful for future opportunities, reveal the objectives behind the message, they hid; believe me it’s an interesting argument.

At first our people from within -Be present we refer to the decade of the 20s of the last century were valuable people, and say well, true love romantic or betting middle by his victory with a tenacious and dedicated work of sacrifices; which undoubtedly deserves our appreciation and admiration for all those who have continued the way they started.

But very early the logical desire to give the station a more advanced technology, which in practice was impossible, because it does not count on any income that will enable manifested. So, ie that the US experience in advertising was considered by Cuba, to establish such a system of economic support: the commercial.

What happened then? In the country there were powerful companies capable of supporting a new system of relations with the public, and had naturally turn to small traders who received the offer of stations with great apathy and coldness, as they felt that the owners of plants were “beggars”: people who came to ask for money. But it happened what had to happen: the radio grew and developed by the tremendous efforts of a group of lovers, technicians, artists and organizers. That’s when business interests realize the importance of radio as a means to increase their income. Both invade the radial field reaching the point of subjecting the programs to their own interests.

This situation also led to a permanent surveillance or monitoring practicing commercial firms to see how far the station regularly meet with the announcement that paid, ie, in what times, how often, etc. Sure, the amount of the payment was dependent precisely on the basis of whether it was more or less in prime time audience; if you preceded or happened to a large audience program and other conditions.

This is the reason why, over time, it was established as a standard program of 27 minutes instead of 30; other 57 minutes and one hour. That is, in both cases were available for three minutes of commercial messages work, this being has fulfilled to this day, clear message now has other purposes.

Yesterday in Cuba, were trading with interest to sell, it was the epoch of advertising; Today the propaganda of public good for the benefit of the population to form, mobilizes, educate, educate, entertain, etc. The mechanisms for achieving effective communication in either case can be considered identical or very similar, but the objectives are undoubtedly abysmally different.

Honor those who created yesterday to today that we have a real media to serve the people.

Translated by Daysi Olano Fernandez


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