Zaida Talks on her Poems

At present, those many followers of the work of the multifaceted local artist (painter, engraver, draftswoman, sculptor, poet), who is from Villa Clara province, may enjoy from a file of artistic reproductions of up to eight engravings, as well as an artistic video about her work which were shown at the XVI Feira Arte in the Rampa street that is being carried out until September 13th at the Pabellón Cuba facility in Havana city.

Those who could want to get a related file may get it in the Galerías Génesis stand at the local Pabellón Cuba facility where there is the possibility to get all of them together, separated ones or already engraved.

In the case of the artistic video which was made by the local Artex enterprise, it enables the access into the studio of the restless and versatile local artist given it was recorded while she was painting unpublished artistic works for this project. Moreover, there is a significant element that is highlighted by the cultural representative, Marianela Duffar, which is that it has the Bis Music record label, apart from the additional attractive feature about listening to Zaida del Río while she is saying some poems from her book entitled ´Paralelepípedos.´

In her encounter with the public at the local XVI Feria Arte in the Rampa street, that artist announced that she is currently focused on the preparation of a performance which will be shown, along with other colleagues, in the next month of September in New York city.

Likewise, Zaida del Río will be taking part in the Art Fair from Milan in October in Italy where she will be showing a new line of drawings entitled ´Rituales femeninos.´ (female rituals).She also makes sculptures that are made of Murano glass and other ones made of bronze. Moreover, she is preparing the publication of a couple of books entitled ´La resina ámbar´ (the amber resin) The and ´La grieta entre los muslos.´ (the crack in the thighs).

As part of the actions of the campaign to celebrate the 25th Artex anniversary which was carried out last year, the Video Artex project has called some local painters of the contemporary art who belong to the catalog of the local Comercial Lauros importer enterprise of cultural products of which its works have been included in the products of the Arte en Casa line.

The aforementioned line, which has the preference of the public, allows both the Cuban and foreign population to have access to objects of a high artistic production where it is combined the usefulness and beauty through artistic pieces which show our artists and make more pleasant our homes, at the same time.

By Lucía Sanz Araujo

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