Women: Sacred Word in Cuba

First, they outlined a strategy of drawing a current situation in Cuba resembling that prevailing in the pseudo-republic. Big mistake!, propaganda being a priori doomed to failure so obvious falsehood.

Consequently, they spoke of an alleged increase in domestic violence against women; the impediment they face in accessing management positions; the passivity of the government to prevent the abuse they face within the home and outside it; the existence of a large sexism at various levels of government; They ensured that live outside the major decisions taken in all areas of the country; the absence of a legal framework to ensure the protection of women. Such examples are only a small sample of declarations of dissidents called “independent” journalists and counter-relief figures.

In short, it was a real tracing, almost exactly, what Cuban women suffered in this rotten society that looked like a mere object of pleasure, with an apparent meekness inculcated by bourgeois concepts.

It was the same time that a married woman was defined as “Fernandez Garcia etc to legitimize that she was” owned “by the husband (Maria Alvarez Rodriguez), something like the unfortunate black slaves in the colony.

And of course, it was the same company that in the gatherings of barriotero gossip and tea ladies ancestry, a woman was qualified as a prostitute for the simple fact of trying to work outside the home. Obey, cleaning, cooking, washing, and give birth, were sine qua non for them, without alternatives.

The man was being higher than that owed unlimited obedience, could not protest, he was smarter than her, had never known attributes, nor know, who granted them; something like those who think they are the owners of this suffering world.

It was the time when, or pimps, as they are commonly said impeccably-dressed suit and closely linked to politicians, roamed the countryside looking pretty guajiritas Cuban living in miserable huts. The object? Make promise of work in Havana. His parents, who saw illiterate slowly, succumbing to their offspring and wife, received such a promise as a divine blessing; that girl began to work in a Havana bar and slowly finished prostitute of wealthy gentlemen who were also owed obedience. Any person would be able to deny what was said?

Access to decent, properly paid work, the claim to enter university, or work in a store for the rich, was an unattainable dream for all, and especially if it was a black-skinned girl.

By the way, one of these latter, on one occasion, the interviewed there in Caimanera, near the Naval Base of Guantanamo; I wanted to inquire as was his young life; he told me truly horrible, such as marines that arrived at her house like a brothel, with intent to rape her and her sisters things; I had the bitter suffering of their parents, often to the point of being imprisoned for daring to confront those usurpers. I do not say more, it would be endless, because I still seem to see that this story was wet with the tears of the woman who did not know of youth.

At this point, though these truths seem obvious, it is essential to remember, again and again, not only to deny the poor of dignity that set lies like a sport; also for the younger not leave easily fooled. After the truth makes its way through the tangle of falsehood.

Cuban women today occupies a privileged position; their development possibilities are equated with man; It is self-sustaining; and there are many workplaces where women are majority; They are leaders, even at the highest levels of management.

Suffice to say that today in Cuba the woman enjoys the greatest respect and deep admiration; and is already a figure of such importance that without it no progress and harmony of our island is conceived as a nation.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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