Mountain Cuban residents exercise their right to study

The national anthem was heard through forests and villages, sung by teachers, students and parents, the triad more directly involved in the formation of men and women of the future.

Clean, tidy and beautiful dawned the Josue Pais Garcia primary school, erected between peaks of El Manacal community, in the Sierra Maestra, 29 kilometers from the town of Pilon, in the province of Granma.

The 31 students, from preschool to sixth grade, living in Manacal, black, ties and Platanito, so some are forced to walk several kilometers.

Among smells coffee and other trees, facing the Cuban flag and a bust of José Martí, took place the opening ceremony of the new course, and Laura Bueno , the director, welcomed students, parents and educators.

A teacher read the school rules and then, in the classroom, students in fourth, fifth and sixth grades, and parents of other children, signed the minutes of the material given to each student.

The scene was ready to tell stories of the holidays, and begin, in the loving complicity in a safe and hopeful society, the critical path of learning.

The school, with a cement floor, walls and ceiling cedar cement, opened to children four classrooms, a computer lab, and warehouse and office management.

Neysi Feut, custody of the school, was happy, because she accompanied her daughter Yudilis, second grade, and everything went with the usual joy on this day.

Laura walks happy l, with a 31 year as an educator in the mountains, and nostalgic is the first-grade teacher, Idelmis Peña, who lives near the town of Pilon and was released Tuesday in the workplace.

In Manacal, where public transportation comes twice a month, it began the course with kisses, hugs and smiles, as it would, without doubt, in every corner of Cuba.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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