Giustino Di Celmo live forever in Cuba

He gave his farewell exactly three days before the commemoration of 18 years of one of several terrorist acts perpetrated in Havana that cost the life of his son.

How much pain for that simple and noble man, and then elderly who experienced such a jolt as unexpected as cruel.

Murderous hands, in their efforts to sow terror in Cuba, seeking at all costs damage the international tourism activity – usual practice of mafia-against hordes selected points of our capital city.

Acts against our country and the history recorded by dozens: The Coubre, in March 1960; the fire at the department store El Encanto, in 1961; the midair bombing of a Cubana de Aviacion the October 6, 1976, and May 8, 1980, the fire against Child Circle They Van Tan, in Marianao, which endangered the lives of five hundred and seventy children and girls.

That bloody history repeated itself again and again in many parts of our country, the same method to make murderer terror seize Cubans and foreigners who visit us.

For many years during which we had to defend ourselves, mafia methods did not change; nor did they change the integrity and value of our people and its Revolution to cope with all energy.

Who by that time they were fed hate, wanted to drink the blood of their victims and tears of their loved ones.

A painfully touched Giustino see shed the blood of his son Fabio, a young man full of dreams as to what every human being has the right, and the murderous hands ripped forever. A Giustino touched be one of those tears paid an undeserved share of pain.

When reading the news and know the integrity of this man, characterized by its commitment to peace, something demonstrated by its participation in the fight against fascism during World War II, clearly understand all subsequent performance in the struggle for the return of the child Elián González with his father in those years kidnapped by the Miami terrorist mafia, and for the liberation of our five brothers prisoners antiterrorist unjustly imprisoned in the United States and happily in our country today as symbols of the struggle for peace It is long but valid.

Full identification with the Cuban Revolution and its social project earned him the membership of the Communist Party of Cuba, considering granting a request, as an exceptional condition, just days after losing her son.

In mentioning Giustino see in him the image of internationalist fighters from other countries, in solidarity with Cuba, and remember we loved the likes of Henry Reeve and many more. Giustino Di Celmo adds to the countless list of generous people and peace inside and outside Cuba have remained with us. For such a powerful reason Giustino live forever in Cuba.

Thanks, Giustino, for having loved both Cuba. Rest in peace.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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