The foremost right

It happens that a close neighbor tries to turn upside down their way of life and, for it, repeatedly assaulted regardless of means to achieve it, ignoring the immortal phrase of Don Benito Juarez “Respect the rights of others is peace.”

One day, the possibility of easing tensions in such circumstances some media as Radio and Television arises, and Marti insist on something unusual, ie make you and your family in victimizer and victim offender.

This clear. It is essential that such entities damage and violate international and mass media law; also the regulations of the International Telecommunication Union and Space Law. All this occurs with complete impunity, protected by the aggressor has all the rights under the condition of “global leader”, such as in the exercise of “human rights and democracy.”

So, in the light of the most elementary logic based on inviolable principles of dignity, honor and sovereignty, Cuba has every right in the world to denounce such illegality and immorality exhibiting Radio and Television Marti.

I consider prudent outline some peculiarities of these means. For example, already it has surpassed the 500 million dollars that have been allocated to them, naturally at the expense of US taxpayers. Only TV Marti, which is not seen in Cuba, has cost US citizens over 20 million dollars a year in taxes.
And of course, I do not discover anything new under the sun, if I say that many millions benefit elements of the anti-mafia. However, it is fair to say that some US congressmen and experts claim the disconnection of these stations, recognizing that such high costs are a waste.

Even media like AP and The New York Times has been echoed in favor of the issues raised by such personalities.

There is more about these libels. Through the Office of Cuba Broacasting illegal payments to a large number of journalists in Miami they were made during the years 1998 to 2002, in order to write hostile and discriminatory our materials on Cuba and Cuban Five Heroes who suffered imprisonment in the United States, materials that were also reported by these stations; its relations with so-called “dissidents” who live on our island are very narrow; corruption, fraud, nepotism and cronyism have been, and are well-known characteristics; their schedules, according to renowned experts, are of very poor quality aesthetics and ethics, which dominates the lie and even rudeness, everything that binds to an apparent inability to achieve efficiency in the dual-form content.

In short, at this point it is inconceivable that Radio and TV Marti continue insisting on the assumption that it is the US government which, so far, is taking very positive steps and gestures to the normalization of relations with Cuba; and Cuba, however, does the same. Is it possible that these unscrupulous characters create in our country reciprocity yield on principles? Will they believe that more than half a century of harassment, invasion, blockade, bombing aircraft, explosion of the ship La Coubre, introduction of viruses, assassination attempts and a number of assaults more, can erased at a stroke “to please the aggressor?

Be lacking other questions: Cuba has damaged the US at any time? Did you enter virus on US soil? Since the island they have forged plans to assassinate a president of that nation? Have you worked persistently to introduce any change in its system of government, so that seems to ours? These and many other questions would receive for a resounding response. These media spawn of evil, not enough for them that my country has stated on many occasions that we want a respectful neighborhood and unconditionally for the good of our peoples; We not reject dialogue on the basis of equity without undermining our system of government.

So Radio and TV Marti should disappear permanently, because it is a condition that Cuba, with all the moral and legal right, asks for us to enjoy normal relations. It would be a decisive step to clean a little mud they have thrown over my country and many honorable people who live in Miami, Fla.
So be it!


Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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