Pope Francisco in Cuba: expression of the good level of relations Catholic Church-State-Vatican

“We have created all conditions for the visit to be a success, it has worked hard and now details are needed,” he said in Havana, at a meeting with the national press corps for such an important event, Ana Teresita Gonzalez, Deputy Foreign Minister.

He reported that many requests or help have gathered Vatican representatives with responsibility for the organization and assurance of the trip, like the Catholic Church in the country, have a quick and positive response from the authorities of the island, immersed for months in enlisting plazas, cathedrals, churches, roads and other areas covered by the program of the visit of the Pope.

Landmarks such as the squares of the José Martí Revolution in the capital, and Calixto Garcia, in Holguin, where officiate Masses 20 and September 21, respectively, are almost ready, as local media have reported, and with the required quality , as is recognized specialists.

The truth is that both those cities as well as in Santiago de Cuba, where the 22nd conclude his stay the Pope Francisco to continue their journey to the United States, it is quite evident enthusiasm and responsibility with which brigades and other builders sectors have welcomed the works or improvement of facilities, avenues and streets where will transit the Supreme Head of the Catholic Church.

In late July, the National Assembly of People’s Power, the Cuban president, General Raul Castro said Cuba would be prepared to receive “with affection, respect and hospitality, as it deserves,” and under this pattern is working in the Insurance , logistics and organizational tasks.

As in previous visits of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, Cubans will be worthy hosts, expressing brotherhood and peace, and every public space, it shows a noble society, educated and disciplined fighting for the human being, to conquer all the justice and for a better world is possible and necessary.

Recall that the Pope’s trip to this Caribbean nation Francisco, the third in the history of a Bishop of Rome, precedes the meeting he held in the Vatican City with Raul Castro on May 10 this year , dialogue was a symbol more respectful path links between the smallest state in the world and the largest of the Antilles.
And if the presence of the Pope’s expression of the good relations between Cuba and the Holy See, who arrived last June 7 its 80th anniversary of continuous links, transcendental own travel arrangements, which have required constant exchanges and consultations between the Catholic Church, the Vatican and the Cuban State, are an affirmation of the spirit of cooperation and respect that neither the enemies of the revolution can´t deny.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez



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