Radio Victoria de Giron, 38 years in the preference of the people

Aimed at the thousands of young people who then studied and worked in most of Cuba citrus company, the new station opened with a program of 5 hours, mostly occupied with recorded programs, many of them in the schools themselves where working Workshops of Announcing.

With an educational-recreational profile of Radio Victoria de Giron in those years has spent it best efforts to disclose the work of the revolution in the field of education, with students and teachers as main target sound.

From student station to municipal radio station.

The hard years of the Special Period weighed the work of the Plan, which came to have 64 schools and over 30,000 students from Matanzas and the eastern provinces.

Along with the changes experienced by education sector, reduction in the number of schools and enrollment, Radio Victoria de Giron was changing its profile to gradually assume the functions of a municipal sector.

The year 1995 marked a before and after. It was the moment that the new station left its recording studio -located in Cesar Escalante Polytechnic Institute to settle in Jaguey Grande and transform their programming more open and aimed at a diverse audience.

That resurgence forged new news programming and achieved greater prominence. The news program Esta vez, , the weekly news Sucesos and Reseña Semanal dealing since then to collect the information from the south of Matanzas, while Reflexiones and Criterios are two windows to opinion journalism and research so necessary in today’s Cuba.

Women, family and youth are social sectors that today are reflected in the current programming of Radio Victoria de Giron, which expands signal frequency modulation by 95.3 and 93.7 megahertz, only municipal radial station in Cuba with two transmitter equipments  , which cover much of southern Matanzas.

El Baul de los Recuerdos, an icon of the radio.

Designed, directed by the also announcer Carlos Mario Hernandez, one of the oldest announcers of Matanzas, El Baul de los Recuerdos is the most distinguished program of Radio Victoria de Giron.

On a weekly basis and one hour, this Sunday program accumulates the highest levels of audience among those who comb gray hair and many young people.

Dedicated to convey the musical hits of the call Prodigy Decade, the program combines music the reading of letters, messages from listeners, congratulations and recitation of poems.

The program has won several awards at radio festivals, and continues marking the preference of the audience, which is reflected in the audience studies.

Even with physical limitations, construction difficulties on its locals premises, the staff of Radio Victoria de Giron remains committed to its audience, the center of his work and who give away every day 12 hours of varied programming aimed at the municipalities of Jaguey Grande and Cienaga de Zapata, a region where is palpable transforming work of the Revolution and which is the relevant work of this radio station for 38 years.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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