Possible Dreams

As a child, I was not lucky enough to enjoy a nice toy, albeit modest and inexpensive, but later with one incredibly effort, I bought my son a small bike that left me exhausted pocket. Then came what was already expected: Now what are we going to do ?, she asked her mother, and I, still beaming, I said “Look well, how happy he is, do not you see ?, it came true our dream!.”

It certainly took a lot of sacrifice and limitations, but at last came the joy of seeing the little enjoying happiness. If this passage was achieved true scale of one family, think everything is possible if we dream for a better world, aware, obviously, that will be achieved with enormous sacrifice. In this complex and troubled world it will seem an unattainable dream, but remember that the noblest works of mankind have been achieved, first, dream about them.

Today, the world has come to an untenable situation. Climate change continues its inexorable march; wars for greed increase; hunger continues, as a terrible ghost, killing human beings; Many millions of children die every year without even exceed five years of life; other infants and work in hazardous work under inhumane conditions; illiteracy does not let in many countries; There unfamiliar peoples of health services; access to culture and sport is something simply unattainable; a few families called first world have fabulous income, as hundreds of millions do not even know how to interpret their right to dignified and fulfilling existence.

Even whole villages are blocked by not wanting to have designs of powers. And other ills, such as racism and discrimination against women still struggle to stay.

But amidst this sad scene, a bright light called Cuba, a country that, dodging multiple obstacles imposed from the north, declares dutiful Millennium Development Goals, set by the United Nations arises.

And it’s the opposite face of the enormous evils that many countries are still suffering. It has not been easy because we travel on roads full of stones and thorns, but here we are upright, struggling to maintain our dignity and against our own mistakes and shortcomings, but not “disinterested” help.

We can be receptive and appreciative of all those who, in good faith, that Cubans want to build a prosperous society, but reject those seeking “democracy” and “human rights” at the expense of surrender our sovereignty on a silver platter.

Long ago, Cubans have rejected the servitude and subordination; long ago we decided to be free and independent, regardless. Nobody ever get that give up to the music we love, when behind her goals submission hide.

What we have achieved started with a dream, it took blood and suffering, but today’s reality of justice and heroism.

So let us dream!

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez 

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