“I am at your command”

“You know I told Fidel ?, which was San Pedrito in Santiago de Cuba (laughs) because I’ve been three times in Cuba, and what I like is James” William does not talk, is an affable man, I think the excitement that surrounds it.

“I worked with fellow Cuban security for three months, from them I learned a lot, are very rigorous, down and up those hills that are in front of the hotel on numerous occasions, we calculated distances, the outputs at different points in short, we wanted everything went well “.

The attempt to assassinate Fidel days before the summit was handled very confidentially, “I knew that I was among them, but all security measures were taken, such was changed room, initially must be in the 2003 but overlooked the street, then they stayed in 2005, more sheltered and safe “
“And look if everything was compartmentalized that only now, 18 years later I find out that,” so says Monica Martinez, the housekeeper of the Hesperia Hotel . “I remember that early in the morning I went to order room, 2003 and was told, no, the commander does not want it fixed now, we will notify you and now was that I knew I’d never been there”

William smiles listening to his companion, in his hands the book Fidel and Religion reveals the traces of time, “he gave me was the 9th, at about 6am tell me that the Commander wanted to see me It was to thank me because the day before a photographer with a very large chamber stood over him, very close, I interposed to protect me and it seems that they told. “

He thanked me, and I signed the book, I had to look up at him, he’s a big man and truth is not because you are interviewing me, I would protect you with my life “

More than an hour has passed, at that time, next to William, we walked around the room where he was Fidel, now under repair, “this is history, I tell my children, my grandchildren, I have taken many copies of those photos because people ask me, I had never spoken to any journalist and I’m happy to do it with you. He stops and asks “I can send him a greeting Commander?, that God will give you health, I have 67, but just be prepared to take care of your life, I am at your command.”

Translated by:  Daysi Olano Fernandez 

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