Cuban health and internationalism

The most frequently mentioned of this eminent scientist is his decisive eradication of yellow fever contribution; But it added that from 1868 called – unfortunately just heard – by the application of sanitary measures to prevent the spread of cholera, a scourge that during the second half of the nineteenth century also imposed its macabre kingdom in the Cuban population.

The best known contribution Finlay – about yellow fever – was accepted in 1900, after much practical evidence. Undoubtedly, the history of health in Cuba and throughout Latin noticed a significant change from the contribution of our compatriot.

A 182 years of the birth of Finlay’s fair to recognize him as the first Cuban internationalist doctor; not because he has come to meet a dignified mission as do our doctors, nurses, technicians and health workers in their various disciplines. From his modest home in Havana, the result of years of research, he tribute to a number of countries those results that put paid to a terrible scourge. Note that the construction of the Panama Canal could be completed by Finlay.

Our contingent of Health, present in the farthest reaches of the planet, are followers of the work of Finlay. Cuba has today, and for years, with a saving lives army. Sample latest Cuban doctors successfully returned from Africa after fighting and defeating the epidemic of Ebola virus.

Carlos J. Finlay was our internationalist doctor advanced. True to its scientific, ethical and humanistic heritage, the Cuban revolutionary medicine sage updated altruism and compatriot who inspires them.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernández



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