Gratitude has no political translation

“Where neoliberals said they had to pay the country’s debt, progressive social leaders paid the debt. People who have been working for two centuries the country’s wealth in poverty they should be redistributed to the creation of public services, the assets of the poor. All this return is a cost, resources rather than place them outside the dedicated to citizenship. Now these resources are not right and has no commitments, “he said the researcher stressed.

From assumptions experienced in recent weeks in countries like Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela he analyzed the communicator recognized international circumstances that influenced current conditions.

“Rather than seeing the cases country by country what we see is a general movement and each one is very specific; We’re from different backgrounds to something that appears to the conservative right and the prospect of a return to power riding a speech that cannot be social but only of efficiency, because there can be a more social than the progressive government speech, “he said Ramonet living in Vedado,Cuba’s National Hotel.

He said “why do not consider it a vote for a program of the opposition, but of punishment or criticism to improve things. In my opinion, it is a vote as protected, because people knew that the next day in Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro continue in office. It is a call to change things and find the extent to which there is scope for change that offensive. That is the debate that is now opened. Maybe fifteen years are not enough to change the economic structure and culture of a country or society. In a consumer society where marginalized aspiration is to consume it as an identity realization: I am what I eat, “he said.

Under these premises, with a comprehensive description of its development in recent years and its effect on the world, Ramonet explained how affects the geopolitics of Latin America and the regression of presidential municipal elections, government and its democratic facet progressive.

“Voters are not grateful or ungrateful, is determined based on how they are doing in life. There is a law that all political scientist knows that no one wins an election is talking about balance, saying what you’ve done, but what you are going to improve. People who have received health, money, schools, homes, is not what you chose the first time, because the work of progressive government changed, the same people have greater political consciousness. The question is if he continues to speak to this new middle class or keep trying and poor, “he said.

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