The Cuban Five: One more year with the people

René González was the first to go public. From his Twitter account, @ rene4the5, counterterrorism informed his followers in the social network that his three brothers in the struggle even imprisoned in US territory, returning to their homeland.

For those who had the pleasure of hearing the news “first” Internet was the ideal place to create messages of celebration. Spontaneously we are on Facebook and Twitter to spread the event. Finally predictions historic leader of the Cuban Revolution were fulfilled when he said the five, again!

Messages like: Welcome home !; In the end justice it was done !; The country receives !, among others; all identified with tags as #LosCinco #Volvieron allegorical, #FreeTheFive and other indigenous arising from the feelings of every human being attached to the truth, circulated on social networks.

Five have back home ended more than 16 years of unjust imprisonment. They concluded the most successful way conference where the world supportive friends and Cuban shook hands in a humanitarian gesture and universal claim.

This December 17 met one year of that historic day. We arrived at this date with the satisfaction of a victory over the ideas and the unity of all the people.

Whether it be a year of return! Good to have you back, listen to their experiences, to see them exercise voting rights as Cuban citizens and share with younger!

And what about the beautiful gem! Undoubtedly the best gift that Gerardo Hernandez and Adriana Perez could do to Cuba; the fruit of love and dedication of an entire people. This December 17.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez 


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