2015, a year of growth for the Cuban Radio

Yamilé Aliaga Naranjo (Radio Havana Cuba, Havana)

2015 was a year of good news on the personal and country level. The joy that caused me, the rebirth of a new love, and the undertaking of new family and professional projects in Radio Havana Cuba, combined with Cuba brought to the new environment of dialogue with the United States, and the return of Five. Although the latter two events occurred in 2014, it was not until 2015 that we started to see the fruits.

By 2016, I want a better radio resembles his listeners, youth and the reality of Cuba. In doing so we will be stuck all we dream in the Cuban radio ether.

Freddy Espinosa (Radio Caibarién, Villa Clara)

2015 allowed me to see that achieving professional fulfillment is possible on a local radio station as Radio Caibarién. And this is corroborated by listeners who appreciate the power of information, fun … through our frequencies.

I felt by investigate stories of lives of Cubans who daily continue building this country up.

In 2016 I intend to keep working on the radio; This means my life. Since this piece of geography of the northern coast of Cuba (Caibarién) I will support my people to face the new paths.

Ana Hernandez Hernandez (Radio Morón, Ciego de Avila)

To me it was pretty well both in labor and personally. During 2015 I continued attached to the Web Site Radio Moron, multiple actions as a journalist, the daily work destorciendo wrongs against Cuba media campaigns to …

By 2016 we must continue! The Cuban Radio should help the country face more challenges proposed new scenarios, both nationally and globally. I’m in!

Alfredo Zamora (Cuban Radio)

In 2015, despite health problems, professionally I could grow from the creative in my role as program director at Radio Encyclopedia, where I could raise my artistic qualification and consolidate my work as a writer, from the implementation of new forms payment. Personally was a busy year reunion with me, with my family, friends, neighbors…

In 2016 I hope to focus more on the artistic direction and through the different radio formats as well as starting a master’s degree in communications or in audiovisual media art. I also think strengthen human bonds with those around me.

Dannierys Rodriguez (CMHW, Villa Clara)

2015, professionally, it was a challenge because I began my work life, and with it all that implies the pace of work of a completely different university center …. but I was fine.

Attend a sector that I enjoy, I have met personalities of Cuban culture, through my work, such as Frank Fernandez, Leo Brouwer, Diana Fuentes, Abel Prieto ….

2016 I hope to continue working, participate in radio contests, begin a master ….

2015 bragged difficult challenges facing the Cuban Radio knew. To all colleagues: CONGRATULATIONS! HAPPY 2016!

Translated by:Daysi Olano Fernandez 

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