The Cuban Radio and Science: Achievements, Challenges

The Cuban Radio deals with systematic and comprehensive way in its programming dissimilar aspects of science, where it occupies a place of relevance Cuban science.

This theme is present in a systematic, frequent or occasional basis in different groups and programs forms: informative – informative profile magazines, newsletters, bulletins, briefs’ programs for specific target, teenagers, young – dramatized, etc., as well as specialized areas in science and technology – programs and sections.

Keep in mind also, science as a historical edge, where figures, facts and events in the scientific field including- of course the Cuban science are included in spaces of historical topics and anniversaries.

Many of these programs such as magazines profile information, youth and aimed at teens programs, among others, achieve high ratings, which guarantees in these cases that the issues of a scientific nature in them included are greeted by a large segment listeners.

In Cuba, knowledge of science and stimulate interest towards it, is a matter of strategic importance in both science is fundamental to achieve development and essential part of comprehensive general culture aspect.

Radio, and basically through its information and disclosure is providing a contribution of incalculable importance in the socialization of scientific knowledge. It is important to note that this is an issue prioritized by the Policy Schedule ICRT.

Important role in this context assume the provincial and municipal stations scope, which prioritize their messages in the reality of their environments, in this case of science, which is inherently Cuban science, where achievements of centers, science centers are reflected, universities, results of the forum of science and technology, etc., which together with the treatment of science in general and Cuba included, permits treatment or systemic science by the Cuban Radio approach.

An objective of the presence and treatment of the Cuban radio science assessment leads to the conclusion that this issue requires continuity and improvement.

It requires continuity be a matter of fundamental interest for its impact on dissimilar areas: industry, agriculture, environmental protection, transport, etc. And further because it is necessary to get our message to a wider audience, which consistently raises your level of knowledge and therefore higher expectations and demands.

Messages that occur in radio programming, besides having numerous edges, must be transmitted artistically to its receptors, as well as radio communication medium is art. This requires increased creativity in terms of the technical and artistic achievement for the interesting topic is also pleasant, pleasant.

It is vital to maintain a close relationship with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA), mutually beneficial relationship as it allows the possibility of specialized radio voices before the microphones and information about those aspects in the field of science are thematic priorities for the CITMA.

This allows include thematic content of interest to the country, which makes our work more effective. By CITMA it is achieved on the radio an effective channel for the interests of the governing body of science in the country more effectively socialize.

It is vital also to continue working with specialists in order to achieve them communicators, they are integrated coherently for the work of the radio and their knowledge to achieve greater influence with the messages they convey to the population.

The balance on the presence and treatment of the Cuban science in our radio system leads to the conclusion that it is a major achievement, but at the same time, a challenge, a challenge.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez 

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