Caricato 2015 Award Nominees

Among the nominees are yerlin Perez Lopez for the teleplay Atlantis with the character and the actor Hector Alejandra Echemendía Sacrifice for the telefilm with the grandfather; Dubbing in the category of the nominees are Dayma Radio Mendez Delhi Safari Yuvi character, and Erwin Fernandez in the same work for the character of Alex.

Moreover, in the category of theater for children nominees are Llusa Maria Caridad Santos, for the work When autumn dies, the Al’animo group and Emmanuel E for La Cuca, the group’s Ark. In the category Staging is the play Hansel and Gretel, the Okantomí group, directed by Martha Díaz Farré.

Theatre for adults, female performance was to Mariela Brito Triunfadela by the group El Ciervo Encantado directed by Nelda Castillo, and Mario Aguirre for his performance in wind Wounds led by Fabricio Hernandez in male performance. In Waldo Franco Cast Performance for his character appears Carlos Rogbar in Mechanical work of Argos theater group under the leadership of Carlos Celdrán, the latter was nominated in the category of staging, with the mechanics work.

Other nominations were the Yasnay Ricardo by Casting four, the Komotú group and Omar Franco Strike, both in the category Performance Humorous.

Regarding Humor in the Radio, Hilario Peña Desktop Joys of Radio Progreso, was among those recognized. Radio were also nominated Sara Vega Baez, for her role of Leonora Bragaza Casta fucking work, and Angel Luis Martinez for several characters in the obraJíbaro in Radio Progreso.

Finally, in Film, the nominees are actors Venice Lanz, for bitter coffee filmmaker Rigoberto Jimenez and Thomas Cao for the ambush.

On 6 February will be the Awards Gala on the Avellaneda Hall of the National Theater, at eight in the evening.

The Caricato Prize is awarded by the UNEAC and the Association of Performing Artists, since 1980.

For Gala is conceived a special moment where artists Natalia Herrera, Dagoberto Gainza and Armando Morales will receive the Honorary Caricato by the result of the work of life, and permanent link with the Cuban performing arts.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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