Dramatic and insulting inequality in the world

The chilling fact was reported in a publication of the British NGO OXFAM, detailing how the gap between the powerful and the powerless is widened, rather than reduced.

During the past five years, despite the so-called global financial crisis that forced the closure of thousands of businesses and sent unemployment to millions of workers, the fortunes of these 62 individuals grew by 44 percent.

At the same time, the assets of the poorest half of the world shrank by 41 percent, a figure that shows irrefutably who benefited and who damaged this crisis, behind which the large landowners, and not a few States, They barricade to justify the erosion of rights and quality of life of its employees.

The phenomenon of concentration of wealth in few hands has been studied for a long time, and theories abound about it, but not because these solutions go to dismantle a system, capitalism, which is intrinsically evil and suffering and feeds efforts of the majority for the benefit of a few.

According to Tobias Hauschild, the German subsidiary of Oxfam, in today’s world rules they are made for the super rich and that makes it very hard to fight poverty and disease. Examples abound, just stick your head why it is called the third world for a long time and now receives the metaphorical nickname of developing countries, but in the end are the same: billions of dispossessed controlled by a few wealthy.

See in Mexico, where the report says yore fortune of four equivalent to nine percent of Gross Domestic Product. Those four, adds, increased its capital in sectors that were privatized or concessioned regulated by the government.

Through this alliance between politicians and millionaires in the corporate sector there is an extraordinary tax evasion. If a worker or smallholder violation of tax laws, you pass a steamroller over, but while nine out of 10 large firms have subsidiaries in tax havens and nothing happens.

A new economic and financial system that benefits all needs, Hauschild said on the eve of the recently concluded Forum in Davos, where 2,500 politicians, rulers. entrepreneurs and scientists from 100 countries discussed, once again, how to solve these problems, but as always, there were few solutions.

Perhaps in that town in the Swiss Alps anyone remember that this new system already exists, it is called socialism and where his enemies have made it work, he has yielded excellent results and rescued millions of people from the clutches of poverty and inequality. Unavoidable issues chit chat every day.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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