Martí lives in our hearts

Will my inability to find them, or is it that words cannot even honor? Then, although he forbid, ‘I beg your pardon-I decide its own definition in a small piece he wrote in Yugo y Estrella, unique work of master builder Cubans:

Give me the yoke, oh my mother, so
That put him up, look in my face
Best star that illuminates and kills.

That truth so great !, always wanted to sacrifice their welfare above; better for him to star with decorum comfortable yoke, but ignoble. And in this constant battle, he suffered infinitely, met human humiliation, disdain and calmness staff to take risks, body injuries, ingratitude, and so many things that invited, perennially, to the resignation of his patriotic work. But he, standing without fainting, still struggling in their desire to aggrandize his then-suffering country.

The keyboard, I feel the need without the sterile formalism offended when it comes Martí to dedicate humble tribute, with the certainty of being a difficult task for this modest man who tries it.

the mood is encouraged me thinking that it’s more of an uneducated sincerity hypocrisy of a learned man. And to fulfill my desire I decide boldly. How do I ?, as referring to fulfill one of its strengths, namely its high sense of independence, which even goes far beyond our shores and waters, as benefactor to the sister republics mantle. You see what assures: “… with a decree of Hamilton was not for the pony pechada Ranger”, “the government of the country of birth. The spirit of the government must be the country. The form of government must come to terms with the country’s own constitution, “” disdain of the formidable neighbor who does not know is the greatest danger of our America. “

And when referring to the phrase “highest sense of independence”, I mean obviously one of its greatest virtues, anti imperialism, which, by its very nature, denies that sacred right of peoples. And that decorum always takes him on the forehead as a banner of its great virtues, is precisely what the “big” press, “big” world insists on ignoring, to supplant only by an image of the poet, romantic, idealistic thinker. However, they are truths, but anemic of his personality, which goes further to soar like a true champion of the noblest works of this humanity, and all with an amazing power: a visionary astounding, the same as predicted all that has happened and happens in our America; which joined wills to achieve the greatest work.

Master, forgive me if these letters do not define it in all its human fortitude. But believe me, forever, and until my last breath of life, will continue to chair my humble work, haunted by highlighting his example. Once, you defined how he would die, saying “I will die without pain. It will be a break inside, a soft fall, and a smile “. However, regardless of such prophetic words, I assure you that death has nothing to do with men like you. A pass it unnoticed for many reasons, but others what they do is simply somewhat more accommodating on the cusp of glory as well earned.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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