Elections in the United States

For anyone with a modicum of common sense and logic, it would be impossible to believe that regimes of Batista, Pinochet, Trujillo and many others who were devoted to enrich themselves and cast a shadow over their people, have been democratic. And yet, they have always been supported and welcomed the country’s north.

In some cases these “democrats”, all came to power through coups, trampling the constitution, turning away from large impoverished masses, illiterate, suffering from all kinds of abuse of their dignity.

Other, opulent, and from far back, claim that powerful transnational assembly of all kinds, plus a sui generis electoral system, is the real democracy that they enjoy and should impose on the world because it was not accepted, they would be in unpleasant necessity of using force to learn to obey and do not become Communists.

That is, are the champions, champions, designated to enforce their own designs also on behalf of God. Have you noticed how invoke God at the end of warmongering speeches?

And speaking of democracy, it is worth noting some of the main features demonstrating caring and US democracy in its election system.

First, the presidential candidate must be rich or a millionaire, because it is inconceivable for someone who does not hold such a condition as to achieve such high office, you need to pay fabulous sums of dollars on advertising; It is not enough that the person is honored, prestigious, capable, you must be blessed by a fortune, even denying that.

Powerful companies can contribute millions to the campaign of a candidate to win the presidency because they enjoy certain favors you can now easily imagine.

We continue with this “wonderful” system: two main parties conceive, Democrat and Republican; but essentially it is just one, bearing in mind that both are due to a single system, the powerful 1%, by the 1% and 1%, that is, the rich defying 99%.

Another feature are the speeches and electoral promises pre obvious politicking demonstration, which differ from state to state considering their profile and potential; that is, in a place they say something that is impossible to say in another.

Also curious thing happens: a candidate achieves a majority vote, and yet, not president; but his political adversary, still receiving less votes, may itself be the winner. The answer is simple, is that the latter had more support in states considered crucial for its great economic importance, and of course, for as many millions invested in media propaganda.

These are just some features; I review some do not because I do not reach the allocated space. I would add only one that, in fact, summarizes the rest. It is a process based on capital only, given the interests of the minority over the majority; and therefore fundamentally unfair because it is unthinkable that the rich act to favor the masses, because their basic aim is profit, ever the sacred interests of the poor.

I mention an example some time ago published Prensa Latina: during 2014, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, added to his fortune, 9000 100 million fortune that has already reached 600 million 87 thousand dollars. This one would be a great candidate! Do not you think?

I would like to express an idea, the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Spain, José Luis Centella: “… a system ultimately has shown that not only cannot solve the problems of humanity, but that it is becomes the problem of humanity “.

And once our Master Marti said:

“It’s strong and nauseating presidential campaign in the United States”.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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