Armando Malheiro: Communication is a natural multidisciplinary

The French philosopher and sociologist Edgar Morin defined as that transdisciplinary perspective that places humanity at the center of reflection and develops an inclusive conception of knowledge.

“To do this, this current of thought has developed three pillars: the levels of reality, the logic of the included and complexity, from which it intends to establish a methodology that addresses human and knowledge issue from a perspective of interconnection complexus meaning or “what is woven together.”

Not a few people consider transdisciplinarity as an exercise in academia. However, subconsciously lean disciplines together to create a network of research that converge in a single product.

About this issue, the Portal of the Cuban Radio spoke with the Portuguese scholar Armando Malheiro da Silva, during his stay in Havana, under the Eighth International Meeting of Researchers and scholars of Information and Communications (ICOM).

According to the professor, many away transdisciplinarity journalist because of his concern to reflect the major events. However, it is appropriate to analyze the profession in all its magnitude, based on the fact that it teaches in the faculty of communication.

“Journalism is studied as part of the communication and the latter is in all cases pluridisciplina because it deals with the human ability to share with others, in principle,” said Malheiro.

“Over time, communication became a profession and a way to find ways to make the information generated reaches everyone. It becomes a professional, “he said”.

Communication is understood as a natural pluridiscipline because considered as a process that must have to be effective with other disciplines such as sociology, semiotics is seen and everything related to the use of technology.

“There disciplines journalist studying in college and are closely linked to their profession. For information management, journalist comes to them either through the notes, and the search for data in Google or organizes all the material he has collected, “said Edgar Morin.

Transdisciplinarity becomes an important concept to develop communication in Latin America. From the union of all disciplines it is to overcome the fragmentation of knowledge and thus, from different perspectives, understand the phenomena with greater breadth and depth.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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