Camilo is always with Cuban people

Life man brimmed hat, there are many stories that do not go unnoticed. But there is a fact that reveals the extraordinary role played by Camilo, testing their loyalty to Fidel Castro in dealing with the insubordination of Huber Matos.

Passed on 20 October 1959. The then Commander of the Rebel Army and head of the Military Regiment Ignacio Agramonte, the Manzanillo Huber Matos betrays the trust placed in him and takes up arms in the former barracks of the tyranny of Fulgencio Batista in the region of Camagüey . Its aim was to involve officers of the Rebel Army and drag the people into a counterrevolutionary attempt.

Fulfilling precise guidelines and anticipating Fidel to prevent a risk of serious danger, the young commander Camilo reaches Camagüey lands. Once in the regiment Ignacio Agramonte, the Hero of Yaguajay order to break the chains that surround the barracks and stop the traitors soldiers.

Accompanied by a group of valued partners, up to the room of the leader and defiant riposte: “Huber, I as Chief of Staff of the Army Rebel assume command of Camagüey and you stop for high treason. You need to join “.

Then came the apotheosis of victory. The people of Camagüey took to the streets to express their support for Fidel and Camilo, who with his courage, strength and moral authority shattered the conspiracy of Matos. From this fact, the tradition of the Marches of the Fighting People in Cuba emerged to denounce hoaxes enemy whose aim has always been to destroy the Revolution.

“There are many Camilo In the village,” said Fidel in moving words to know the sad news of the passing away of Commander Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriarán, a man who lived for his time, a hero who fought to see their country free, and today pays the greatest homage.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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