Cuban Cinema Posters On Exhibit in Italian Museum

“The exhibit remembers an exceptional time in our film industry. The posters were all hand-made with the silk screen printing technique, with print runs of 100 to 400 works,” said Luciano Castillo, Director of the Cuban Cinematheque at the opening ceremony.

Many of these posters turned to be better that the original posters of the films, and even better than the films they announced, he said.

Cuban Ambassador to Italy, Alba Beatriz Soto, said the showcase bears witness of the evolution of Cuban cinema in 50 years, but “it also reflects the changes of our society.”

Meanwhile, Bardellotto, who visits Cuba since 1998, stressed that “more than a collector, I consider myself a Cuba lover. There are anecdotes and years of searches behind each poster,” he added.

Bardellotto plans to bring this showcase to other countries, according to a note released by the Cuban Embassy in Italy.


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