Cuba presents in Angola business opportunities

There are real business opportunities, as were several that came with vested interests in projects, said Quiñones to Prensa Latina minutes before heading back to Havana.

She explained that businessmen look was especially focused  on  the area of service delivery to the food industry, both for the subject of repair and construction of ships, such as industrial equipment and refrigeration.”

There was also particular interest in the processing of soy and aquaculture.

During his presentation, the official explained that foreign investment in Cuba is to contribute to generate productive chains, developing infrastructure, assimilate technology transfer, import substitution and increase exports and contribute to the economic development of the island.

About the visit, Concepción said for his part that was achieved first implement the Memorandum of Understanding was initialed on the occasion of the stay of the Angolan Minister of Fisheries, Victoria de Barros Neto, in Cuba, in October.

“This element yields a specificity and will not be only on the will of the parties, but to unfold, from our visit, a work program which will expand the cooperation in human resources training, work in the area aquaculture research, “said the Cuban head.

This, he added, “obviously will mean benefits for the Angolan side and the possibility of developing in our sector export service as one of the modalities power corresponding to the updating of the Cuban economic model.”

He tried to diversify exports in the case of food agribusiness sector and fishing, not only in products but also in services, he reiterated.

Concepcion stressed that the exchange itself with De Barros Neto “allowed us to know what the public policies implemented in Angola on fisheries production and protection of species, the content is also common ground with our policy is.”

His visit to Angola two weeks, which began on January 29, covered interest linked to fishing and food industry. He also toured various economic zones and had contacts with partners from the island.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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