Cuban Public Health Minister urges strengthening prevention against Zika

However, he clarified that exists in 55 municipalities high infestation of Aedes mosquitoes, especially aegypti and albopictus.

This insect has it produced dengue transmission in the country, he said, so the risk of transmission can occur Zika “because the vector is present” is not ruled out, he said.

The important thing is to lower the infestation of these mosquitoes, and take steps to ensure that no indigenous transmission is generated in our country, he said.

Faced with union leaders from across the country, the head of the Ministry of Public Health also announced that as of the possibilities of that body should encourage workers and guarantee them better conditions in order to provide more and better quality services to the people.

He stressed that more than 40,000 industry professionals have access to the Internet from their homes, working to extend that service, and this year the top leadership of the country will provide free 200 cars to a group of teachers Consultants and Headlines and some pictures.

Referring to the role of the union, said the affiliate is not only paid, but a commitment in all tasks and meetings, and the director of each center should be the main character, he said.

He also referred to the importance of preventive role in confronting manifestations of crime, corruption and illegal and indiscriminate use of drugs.

In this sense he insisted fight the battle in those pharmacies where there is illegal sale of drugs, combating crime in stomatology services and diagnostics, among others, against which there can be no impunity and tolerance.

Source: Cuban News Agency (ACN).

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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