Cuban President calls on the people to prevent Zika

The call, published on Granma newspaper on Monday, explains that the Zika Virus, caused by the aedes mosquito, is affecting 32 countries of this part of the world according to the World Health Organization, which declared the situation a sanitary emergency.

Thus far, no Zika case has been detected in our country, though all non-specific fever syndromes are being followed and studied to early identify its presence, while international sanitary control is being intensified, said Raul in his message, and added that in case of finding any sick person there are all necessary conditions for qualified medical assistance.

Raul recalled that Cuba has undertaken intense work to lower the presence of the mosquito, but factors lined to inappropriate technical quality in the anti-vector activity, inefficient environmental sanitation and adverse weather conditions continue to raise the risk for the spread of diseases.

In the face of the current situation, the leadership of the Communist Party and the government have adopted a plan of action, under the Public Health Ministry to fight Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya, the Head of State explained.

The program aims at intensive sanitation activity in labor centers, residential areas and inside the homes, with the active participation of state entities, grassroots organizations and the community.

It is necessary that all Cubans join this battle considering a personal issue, a problem to face, particularly due to their responsibility with their own families, Raul pointed out.

The program includes the participation of over nine thousand troops, including active and reserve officers, technical equipment to carry out sanitation and anti-vector activities, all supported by another 200 police officers.

Following the intensive program of actions a long-time sustainability plan must be implemented to guarantee minimal levels of mosquito infestation, reads the call issued by the Cuban president.

Like in previous occasions, our people will be able to show their capacity of organization to maintain the health levels reached by the Revolution and avoid suffering to our families, said Raul and concluded by noting that like never before it is a must to be more disciplined and demanding in undertaking this task.

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