A Radio Rebelde: the spell of a trade

Those yellow curtains were a mystery to me since childhood, surprised me each time I passed the front of the theater. The striking shade of the fabric and the image of a red heart with a little sign, remain in my memory as a symbol of the place.

While over the years the mysteries of childhood are answered, for it was not until September 2010, the time to know what was actually white doors that place. The white doors by yellow curtains opened two worlds: the turbulent life in those walls and the magic of radio.

He was there for a test utterance, as an indispensable requirement for Radio: know the voice through the microphone, identify your inmense color. seemed the study, with thick insulating glass exterior sound, the round table covered with papers, books and a computer, that at that time did not imagine as a “almendrón”.

In  the deafening silence of those walls, the sheet with a note for reading lengthened with each repetition regardless whole story described for Cuba and the world from inside the yellow curtains.

“Who would have thought that the founder of Radio Rebelde walked past the place would be the correspondent of the issuing of the Revolution in Pinar del Rio, in the same Martí street where Che spent many times during the days of the Missile crisis, when he was commander of the province? “said city historian Juan Carlos Rodríguez Díaz.

The idea of Commander Ernesto Che Guevara to use the media to inform the people of each event in the Sierra, gave the revolutionary movement of one of their best weapons on February 24, 1958 from an abandoned Altos de Conrado, when it issued:

“Here, Radio Rebelde, the voice of the Sierra Maestra, Cuba transmitting to all in the 20 meter band every day at five in the afternoon and nine p.m., in our rebel camp in the hills of East. Director: Captain Luis Orlando Rodriguez. “

Fidel Castro speaking by the microphones of Radio Rebelde in the Sierra Maestra mountain range “Since its inception, the credibility of the station is mainly based on the solidity and objectivity of revealing the facts. And little by little as the time progressed RR (Rebel Radio) it was becoming a mobilizing vehicle to support the actions of the revolutionary forces and at the same time convey the truth would sow hope … “he wrote in one of his investigations research journalist Ivon Albelo.

Pay homage to the station by founding anniversary becomes easy task with just list your achievements, news coverage or the legacy hundreds of professional media; but on the impact of emissions he talked a while ago the president of the Union of Journalists of Cuba, Antonio Molto, and words p for its validity.

“We used to have all reports from the provinces to Haciendo Radio and the practice benefited after the National News Radio, then the Exclusive Rebelde won the provinces and thus an essential space in the programming of the station. (…) This competition to seek the issue and tell the best possible way, he made a fraternal competition among carriers to develop, made this system of correspondents one of the strongest and most credible Radio Rebelde links, “he said.

He added that a station, a newspaper or a television station in which the country is not reflected the issues of greatest impact in every corner of the island or the problems of all Cubans, not a national average.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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