Fidel is also part of the Mexican people

Katiuska Blanco,Cuban  journalist and writer launched the book in the Casona  Xicotencatl, the former headquarters of the Senate, in the historic center of Mexico City.

The testimony of 30 Mexicans touches the edges of the personality of the Commander in Chief and displays it as the man who always fought and found friendship in Aztec land.

“The photos of the young Fidel, the guerrilla leader remind us that the Cuban Revolution was the reference that gave identity to the libertarian aspirations of Latin American youth,” said in turn the vice-coordinator of the caucus of the Party of the Democratic Revolution, Senator Dolores Padierna.

“Fidel has left an indelible mark on every person who decides to devote his life to the struggle for justice and dignity,” he added.

Padierna said the book is a tribute to who personifies an entire people refused to waive the right to decide their own destiny.

Also for his contribution towards the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and its support for Latin American and Caribbean integration.

Cuban Ambassador Dagoberto Rodriguez welcomed the initiative of the Mexican Senate, he stressed, is inscribed in the history of friendship between the two countries.

During the evening it was also inaugurated the photographic audiovisual exhibition Fidel is Fidel, the documentary filmmaker and photographer Roberto Chile, which plots transcendent moments in the history of Caribbean statesman and revolutionary.

At the ceremony were present legislators, political and social movement leaders, and members of the diplomatic corps, representatives of the artistic, cultural, business, academic and media communication of communities.

The meeting was also Mexican Movement of Solidarity with Cuba and the Association of Cuban residents in Mexico.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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