Cuba to Host the International Psychology Convention

In an exclusive interview to the Cuban News Agency, Dr. Alexis Lorenzo, President of the Cuban Psychology Society and the organizing committee of the forum highlighted that the sector has gained in maturity and experience at a time of changing situations, reorganization and necessary adjustments aimed at fighting for a better humanity.

“Psychology as a potential in favor of the well-being of humanity”, is the theme of the Hominis 2016 event that will center this year in a contemporary vision in accordance with the demands of Cuban psychology inserted in the dynamics of the social project with its achievements, perspectives and challenges, said the professor of the School of Psychology of the University of Havana.

The rich debates in the event which will include pre congress courses also involved the study of child neuropsychologists and the alterations of their neurodevelopment; movement disorders and neurodegenerative illnesses.

Lorenzo, also specialist in Health Psychology will offer a conference on emergencies and psychosocial priorities during the living cycle of emergencies and disasters.

The Cuban population. Current and Subjectivity Dynamic Demography: Diagnostics and Intervention Neuropsychological Intervention in the current clinical practice; Community Psychology and Citizen Participation: Models, experiences and tendencies; change of mentality and organizational development, contemplate the event’s program.

Other issues will be the image and expression of the elderly in the mass communication; quality of life or death, psychological intervention at the end of life and Sleeping disorders: A focus from mental health.


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