Cuba, The PAHO Evaluates Plans to Fight Zik

It will be an opportunity for colleagues in the organization to know closely the progress of health in Cuba, said in statements to Prensa Latina Cristian Morales, representative of PAHO / WHO on the island.

He also stated that during the meeting will be discussed the situation of world emergency caused by the alleged association of zika and the emergence of babies with microcephaly.

The event also seeks to enhance the capabilities of each country to respond in a coordinated way to this urgency, he pointed out.

Also, there will be exchanges on the deployment of strategies to progress to reach the goals of sustainable development, an effort that we share with the United Nations, he added.

The PAHO official considered crucial the calling of Cuban President Raúl Castro, to join all efforts to fight this virus, which is present in 32 nations of the area.

He also joined the call for participation of each citizen for the success of the sanitation campaign designed to confront the transmitter vector. The key is to involve all people, he said.


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