Kaspersky Lab Denies Being a Threat to US Security

The text points out that the Kaspersky Lab have no ties to any structure in the Russian government.

A source at the press service, quoted by the Russian agencies, said the company is proud to be able to help regularly the states and the security agencies of many countries in the fight against cybercrime.

Several US publications such as The Washington Free Beacon echoed an alert by the Pentagon that Russian hackers could allegedly hit the networks of industrial computers using programs created by the Kaspersky Lab.

According to the document, the use of the software created the Russian company creates a serious vulnerability for American systems of industrial management and data gathering, which in turn are responsible for the operation of electrical networks and the petro-gas sector.

Kaspersky denied that an alleged antivirus of its authorship eliminated files, labeled as ‘malicious’, thus causing damage to its rival companies Microsoft, AVD Tecnologies and Avast Software.

In December 2015, Kaspersky Lab launched into the Russian market a new software to protect important objectives of the country’s infrastructure and industrial sector. The company announced that it would launch it worldwide in the first half of 2016.


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