Argentine President Is Linked to More Companies in Panama

In Fleg Trading, based in the Bahamas, and Kagemusha, in Panama, the Argentine head of State appears as the director and vice president, respectively. In addition, he was tried for contraband and tax evasion for using the ghost company Opalsen in Uruguay, the websites recalled.

But the story does not end there, as Mauricio and Franco are involved in other companies in which they appear as third parties, a common practice among big entrepreneurs who benefit from tax havens.

Some of those ghost firms were founded through Mossack Fonseca, so one of them drew the attention of journalist Hugo Alconada Mon, the one called Macri Group, the websites said.

In their joint investigation, they found seven other companies owned by the same people and other employees and friends of Macri, including Cap Loren Panama S.A. with Mossack Fonseca in 1999, which was dissolved later.

The board of directors also includes Domenico Cappelli, a right-hand man of Franco Macri. Other employees are Juana O’Reilly Aroza and Fernando Planes, and the director is Armando Amasanti, who was the chairman of Sevel in Argentina and was tried along Mauricio Macri for aggravated auto contraband in the late 1990s, and Sergio Hernan Mora Viera, manager of Sevel Argentina before the creation of Cap Loren.

Another company is Orion Alliance Corporation, founded in 2013, where Gustavo Gorini, the son of the chairman of Sevel Uruguay; Fernando Planes again, and Victor Meerovich, a Uruguayan accountant who is in the board of directors of several offshore companies, are also involved. Atoll Services Group Inc. was founded in 2007 and is headed by the chairman of Sevel Uruguay. The company still exists and is attached to the Macri Group.

Its executives include Juan Carlos Gorini Sambade, his son, Gustavo Alejandro, and Miguel Antonio del Castillo Massaferro, chairman of Iveco Uruguay, a company attached to Sevel.

Another company is Pymore Ventures Holding SA, founded in 2010, whose directors are Fernando Planes, Alejandro Cappelli, the son of Franco’s right-hand man, and Meerovich.

The investigation carried out by El Destape and InfoEconó added that Danae Alliance Company SA was founded last year by Domenico Cappelli, Fernando Planes and Meerovich, the same board of directors.

In addition, there are branches that link the Macri family with Aspent Portfolio SA, also active since 2015 with the same board of directors as Danae Alliance Company SA, and the Rockford Holding Group SA, founded in 2011 also by the same executives.

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