Black Belt, key to death of Pablo Neruda

Also lawyer by profession, Reyes commented that when the ceremony to transfer the remains to the General Cemetery to his home of Isla Negra, in November 1992, appeared in the coffin a black belt.

“It had been extracted by the gravedigger, whom I asked what it was all about. Aware of the fact, as only member of the family present, I ordered him that the belt be introduced in the new coffin”, he noted. Doctor Reyes Muñoz told Prensa Latina that the belt was put by the remains of Neruda in his new casket and was buried in Isla Negra.

Recently, when he was exhumated for this investigation, ordered by Neruda Os nephew, he asked for the belt, with the hope that the results may be of great relevance.

“We confirmed the belt measured 119 centimeters long, size that fits a big and fat man. My uncle was not a cancer patient, much less skinny as it was affirmed in his death certificate”, stressed Reyes Muñoz.

“The presence of staphylococcus aureus in his mortal remains, the contradictions in the death certificate and other signs, reinforce the criteria that the death of my uncle was caused by third parties”, he asserted.

Next Monday April 25, the author of Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada (20 Love Poems and a Desperate Song) will be rendered a new tribute at the venue of the ex- Congress of Chile in this capital. The following day his remains will return to Isla Negra.

“We hope to carry back his remains to rest at his home of Isla Negra, where we our nephews stayed for seasons and allowed us for the first time in our lives to see the sea”, he said about the house-museum in the San Antonio province.

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