Cuba and the United States to Increase Exchanges in Culture

Margo Lion, theater producer and co-chair of the Advisory Committee to the White House, praised art programs developed here to contribute to the education of children and youth.

We share a common value, that of providing and creating these initiatives for cultural education; for this reason we want to acknowledge Cuba with the International Spotlight Honor Program for teaching arts, at a ceremony that will take place this fall in the U.S., she asserted in her statement.

For his part, William Adams, president of the National Foundation for Humanities, said that after several meetings with museum experts, curators and academics, he came to the conclusion that he has much to learn from Cuban preservation and restoration professionals.

Consequently, his organization will give a donation to a group of prominent U.S. artists and figures specialized in these fields to visit Cuba and observe their preservation practices in photography, manuscripts, etc.

This funding will go to the Art Preservation Program, directed together with the University of Delaware, a center that has the most important career of preservation graduates in the United States, he specified.

During the farewell of the delegation of executives, artists and intellectuals at Havana’s Alicia Alonso Grand Theater, exchanges were also announced in terms of theater that will allow actors from both countries to dialogue with various audiences on tours of the two nations.

Likewise, George Stevens, filmmaker and co-chairman of the President’s Committee, confirmed that two U.S. films that belong to the program of the Sundance Institute, an academy that organizes one of the best known independent film festivals in the world, will soon be premiered in Cuba.

At the farewell meeting, Cuban Deputy Culture Minister Fernando Rojas said that after 10 meetings and debates with the members of the U.S.

elegation, several projects to be developed over the following months were established.

The exhibition of six Cuban films in U.S. movie theaters, as well as the intention to create there a group with adolescents and children, similar to the children’s theater group La Colmenita, are some of the proposals of the Ministry of Culture.

During the farewell, representatives of the two countries stressed the willingness to continue working to strengthen cultural ties based on respect for each nation’s diversity.


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