Nautical Regattas in Cuba

The fraternal clash includes activities such as a nautical stop at the Rio Almendares-Havana Bay Circuit, and the “Havana’s Morro Castle Regatta Sailing,” scheduled for April 9th, according to the Hemingway International Nautical Club Commodore, José Manuel Díaz Escrich.

These activities are also attended by Bob Harvey, commodore of Key West Yacht Club, as well as managers and members of the Bradenton Yacht Club and Sarasota Yacht Club.

A month ago, Cuba hosted the Miami-Havana Regatta with the presence of 46 boats and 342 yachtsmen.

2016 is scheduled of plan regattas and other nautical activities in Cuba, 16 of which are only with US attendance, in addition to the already traditional events of its kind in Cuba, some linking Spanish and French.

Cuba was a prohibited destination for American sailors since 1961, and now, after the restoration of diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana, these activities begin to consolidate.


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