Cuba reiterates support of Venezuela

Mister Almagro tried to apply the Inter-American Democratic Charter, in particular its article 20, supposedly aimed at dealing with the rupture or grave alterations of the constitutional order, that was not invoked when the attempted coup d’état against President Hugo Chavez Frias, nor to condemn the coups d’état or attempts that have shaken the region with the only exception in 2009 when the United States and some right-wing forces opposed a strong resistance.

For this purpose, without any call from the Member States, assuming prerogatives he doesn’t have, with the aid of elements of the Venezuelan opposition and other reactionary characters of doubtful reputation, wrote a smear and interfering report that, violating procedures, he made public.

Everything seemed set for a triumphant walk, but the General Secretary, the OAS bureaucrats and their gruesome mentors forgot we are not living in 1962, when with shameful complicity they judged and condemned Socialist Cuba.

The difference was made by the tone of the debates, the strong denunciations of the indecent role of the General Secretary, the strong positions of the sister nations members of the ALBA-TCP bloc, the calm arguments of those who chose dialogue, the respect among nations and peace as their diplomatic norms, and the restrained but clear Caribbean resistance to the treacherous actions against Venezuela.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers that what happened now in Washington is new evidence that Our America changed, despite OAS still is an unchanged tool of domination of the United States over the Latin American and Caribbean peoples, and recalls what President Raul Castro said in December 2008, when he rephrased Jose Marti: ¨before Cuba joins OAS again, the North sea will join the South sea and a serpent will hatch from an eagle´s egg¨

Cuba reiterates once again the full support of the people and revolutionary government of the generous and brotherly Bolivarian and Chavista revolution, to President Nicolas Maduro Moros, to the civic-military union and its courageous people, and our unbreakable faith on the triumph of their just cause


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba

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