At UN, Cuba Denounces Impact of Blockade on HIV/AIDS

‘The blockade will not stop us, but it cannot be ignored when our aspirations are discussed to comply with the international goal of defeating the disease by 2030,’ the member of the island’s delegation to a high-level meeting on HIV/AIDS, established today by the UN General Assembly.

Cuban legislator and sexologist, Mariela Castro, director of the National Sex Education Center in Cuba Mariela Castro urged that the member states of the organization and the United Nations increase their claims to eliminate the unilateral U.S. sanctions, in full application despite the restoration in 2015 of the diplomatic relations between Havana and Washington.

The sexologist also mentioned the challenge Cuba is facing for its category of middle-income country, which means less funds for assistance.

According to the legislator, the political will of the island’s government and its inclusive public health system are strengths that suggest the complex scenario in the success of the response to a globally responsible epidemic for more than 34 million deaths since 1981.

We have already had results in fighting HIV/AIDS. They are considered examples in the international community, but we have the capacity to go further, she said.

Regarding the three-day forum as of today, Mariela Castro recalled the United Nations call to all governments to strengthen the commitment with the elimination of the epidemic.

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