Cuban youth in the future of the nation

Cuban youth will begin this Friday, June 10, during one of the Third National Committee Plenum of the Young Communist League (UJC) work sessions, where participants will undertake a thorough analysis of the Conceptualization of the Cuban Social and Economic Model and the 2030 National Economic and Social Development Plan: Proposed Vision for the Nation, Axes and Strategic Sectors.

Speaking to JR, Joan Cabo Mijares, a member of the UJC National Bureau, noted that the analysis is being carried out in response to the agreements approved during the PCC 7th Congress, which recommended a broad and democratic consultation process with Party and UJC members, representatives of mass organizations and broad sectors of Cuban society, be undertaken.

For us, this process constitutes a great opportunity to participate, as we have done on numerous occasions, in this important time for the country, stated the young representative, who also highlighted that the forceful voices of future generations of Cubans will be heard and participate in all discussions.

She also described the Plenum as a tribute to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, on his 90th birthday, given his close relationship with and infinite confidence in Cuba’s youth. His ideas and actions continue to accompany new generations of Cubans in every challenge they face, Cabo Mijares noted.

Taking place in the Lázaro Peña Convention Center, attendants will also assess youth participation in Cuban political and cultural life, the importance of defending values, national identity and cubanía in order to guarantee the continuation of the Revolution. Progress made in the fulfillment of the agreements ratified during the 10th UJC Congress, held last year, will also be reviewed.

Cabo Mijares noted that during the encounter the social campaign Sumando Ideas (gathering ideas) will be presented, in honor of the 55th anniversary of the UJC, to be celebrated April 2017, as well as the book Los padres de un hijo de la Patria, by Luis Báez and Pedro de la Hoz, about the Comandante de la Revolución, Juan Almeida Bosque’s parents.

She also noted that the Plenum’s permanent work commissions will hold a special session to review tasks for the coming year, and other important issues such as the summer vacation program and combating social indiscipline and political subversion.

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