Cuban Experts Consider Possible the Goal of Eradicating AIDS by 2030

According to both specialists, who have many years of experience in direct combat the scourge, though possible, it is still a great challenge to defeat the virus, responsible since 1981 for the deaths of more than 34 million human beings and at least other 37 million living with it.

The challenge is very big, because countries should be able to diagnose people and then treat them with drugs throughout their life, so that viral load becomes undetectable, stop circulating in the blood the pathogen, and so no is transmitted, said Perez.

For infectious diseases and pharmacologist, a serious obstacle is access to diagnosticians and third generation products for the treatment, being in the hands of large companies whose priority is profit making.

It is also the situation of the availability of health systems, human resources and money, a real challenge in such an unequal world, where the stage is particularly complex for middle- and low-income, he said.

According to the director of the IPK, developed nations and international agencies must maintain their assistance to vulnerable States, in order to achieve the goal of eliminating the epidemic by 2030, a goal endorsed here on Wednesday with the adoption of the Political Declaration of the forum.

Meanwhile, Lantero epidemiologist said the challenge of getting humans with the virus active part of efforts to beat the disease. From the technical point of view, we understand that humanity can achieve the eradication of HIV, but it goes through a multispectral approach to the prevention and inclusion as flags, Cuban specialist said.

The directive stressed the importance of combining diagnosis and access to expensive ARV with attention to young people, adolescents and vulnerable population groups, including homosexuals.

Lantero also valued the requirement for human resources key to prevent and cope with the disease, another very complicated issue for many countries of the South.

Both experts agreed that high-level meeting in the General Assembly reflected the political will and commitment of governments to the fight against HIV/AIDS, but also the lack of funding and human resources to realize the global aspirations.

They also mentioned the need not only recipes are promoted from the different realities existing on the planet.

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